Top15+ Free Web Hosting Services With No Ads

If you are going to learn web designing and web hosting, using the best free web hosting services to host your web projects may be the best option for you. You may also use Free for parking your unused domain names and even to host your personal  or non professional website, if you are unable to afford paid hosting.

Since getting your website hosted on free is most advantageous, it may have the following risks. Any of the web hosting service providers may shut down their services at any time, so your website can dye at any time. Some the free web hosting services may not allowed to sell free hosting accounts. It may be slow due to low bandwidth, limited storage space, will display ads forcefully on your website and they may not support for your technical problems.

In order to prevent your website from the risks described above, you should have to create your own backup on your personal computer and have to save your whole website regularly. At the time of failure of your web host, you can host your website again at the same or another hosting accounts.

Free Web Hosting Services With No Ads

After long term research on the internet we have selected and created the list of best web hosting service providers who offers free web hosting services. Since, there is no forced ads served from web hosting service providers on all of these free hosting plans, they maybe the best options for free web hosting.



FreeHostingNoAds is the best web hosting service provider for free web hosting services. It provides 20GB disk space and allows upto 200GB data transfer per month. Since, there is no any forced ads served from web hosting but fully supports user advertising. You will get maximum three MySQL databases, FTP accounts and email accounts in addition to a full featured control panel along with advanced file management system and 1 click auto script installer.

2 is also best choice for free web hosting services which provides 10GB disk space and allows up to 250GB monthly bandwidth. You will get one FTP account, email account and MySQL database. You can easily install software like WordPress, phpBB etc since it supports one click automatic script installer. You will also get full featured control panel with data access functionality.

3 provides 10GB disk space along with 100GB data transfer per month on its free hosting plan. It also allows you to add unlimited add-on domains with up to five email accounts and sub-domains. They will also provides one FTP account and MySQL database hence you can easily transfer your files the the web server and store your website data on its database.


You can also use free web hosting plan from for hosting your website or web application on free which allows you to use up to 5GB disk space and up to 20GB monthly bandwidth. It provides up to three MySQL databases in addition to one addon domain and a parked domain. It does not support any email accounts hence  you are unable to host emails on their free plan.


Xtreemhost offers 100% free web hosting service which provides 10 GB disk space as well as 100GB monthly bandwidth. It supports both php and MySQL along with 50MB space for database. You will also get a free FTP account to transfer your files to the server.


Hostinger provides a full featured control panel with allowing unlimited domains to host in addition to auto script installer in order to install any web application easily. It gives you 2000MB disk space and upto 100GB data transfer per month. It also supports php, MySQL as well as email accounts.

7 offering 1GB disk space and 5GB bandwidth transfer per month as well as supporting up to three sub-domains and a top level domain. FTP account with advanced control panel and web based file managing services are the most advanced features offered by which also supports a single MySQL database with maximum 10MB space and a single email account.


Byet host especially relevant for storing parked domains which allows you to store up to 5 parked domains. It offers 1000MB disk space and 50GB monthly data transfer. It also supports maximum up to 5 MySQL database in addition to the FTP accounts and online file manager. You will also get free technical support, free forums and SSL on all hosting domains.

9 provides 1000MB disk space and upto 5GB data transfer per month on its free plan. Here you will also get upto three “” subdomain on free which allows you to add one domain and upto three subdomains on their free hosting plan. You will get a free email account, MySQL database with 10MB storage space in addition to the advanced features like FTP account, advanced control panel and web based file manager. It is especially relevant to create your website or blog with their WordPress and joomla website builder.


AgilityHoster offers 1000MB disk space along with 5GB traffic bandwidth per month, which also allows you to host a single domain and up to two sub-domains. You can easily create any websites or blogs with using WordPress of joomla installer. It supports only a single MySQL database in addition to 20MB storage.


Free hosting plan provided by Zymic is also another best option among all the free web hosing services. It provides 600MB disk space in addition to 100GB monthly data transfer. It also supports up to 3 MySQL databases and php along advanced control and FTP accounts.


50Webs offers 500MB disk space and up to 3 GB monthly traffic bandwidth. Since it is free service, they will not guarantee for server uptime. You will also get up to 10 hosted domains and 100 email accounts. FTP account with its own FTP manager, file manager along with .htaccess generator are the most advanced features provided by this.


FreeWebHostingEU is the most professional free web hosting service provider which provides 200MB disk space in addition to 4 GB data transfer bandwidth per month. It allows you to host top level domain with supporting up to 5 sub-domains also provides free ‘’ sub-domain on free. You are able to have FTP access along with supporting MySQL database with 10MB space and php.


FreeHostia allows you to add up to 5 domains and 3 email accounts. It also supports a single MySQL database with 10 MB data storage space along with 250 MB disk space and 6 GB data transfer bandwidth. It provides FTP manager and file manager in addition to 1 click auto script installer along with free website templates.


UhostFull provides 99.9% uptime guarantee even in its free hosting plan rather than other free web hosting services. It supports MySQL database, email accounts along with email forwarding services. It also provides advanced features like FTP accounts, online file manager and import database feature.


100WebSpace offers 100MB disk space along with 3 GB monthly traffic. You can add a single domain and up to 3 email accounts and up to 5 sub domains. It also gurentees 99.9% uptime  along with providing multilingual control panel. It is especially relevant for storing parked domains since it supports unlimited parked domains.


Bizly offers 50MB storage space and 1000MB data transfer per month on its free hosting plan. It also provides up to 3 sub-domains and supports up to 3 email accounts on free. They have easy to use website builder hence you can create any blogs, websites or photo albums easily.

Quick Comparison Table For Free Web Hosting Services

There maybe lots of free web hosting services offering similar or better than listed above, feel free to mention them on the comment section below.
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