Shared Hosting: Best Option For Small Business Websites

Do you want to lunch a new website for your newly started small business or want to create your personal website spending very low cost?

Among all of the other hosting options, shared hosting may be the best option if you want to create small business website at a low cost. Let’s learn in detail about shared hosting before deciding, Is shared hosting the best option for your website hosting.

What is shared hosting

It is the type of hosting where others website also hosted on the same location of your website hosted. All of the websites uses the resources like CPU and RAM in common.

In this hosting option each website has its own limitations on particular services like disk space, monthly traffic, email account, FTP account, database uses etc. On the other hand, here a single web server hosts pages for multiple website domains. Since, it is the most economical way of hosting your website; it may have some difficulties due to low amount of access on the resources.

Advantages and Disadvantages of shared hosting

Shared hosting plan offered by web hosting service providers may have the following advantages and disadvantages.


Since the most primary advantage of shared hosting is low price, it may have the following more advantages.

  • You don’t have to worry about technical problems arises on the server; web hosting providers will manage all of them.
  • Most of the hosting providers offer their service with easy to use interface along with web based and simple control panel.
  • You can easily upload your website on the web server and easily use email service and database
  • You can host your website on this type of hosting with starting costs generally $5 to $9 per month.


Along with the advantages listed above, it may have the following disadvantages of using of shared hosting.

  • You may have access on limited number of resources or you may have some restrictions on their service.
  • If any of the website that uses resources like CPU, traffic bandwidth or email capabilities may affect all the other websites hosted on same server.
  • If there is any technical problem on one website may affect your website also.
  • Your website may be slow due to long response time and poor server up time.
  • You may have to give some administrative control of your website to your web hosting company.

Some FAQs About Shared Hosting

  • How much traffic can shared hosting handle?

    The amount of website traffic can handle generally depends on size and how much resources your website uses. It can handle up to 100k+ page-views per day, if your website only has static HTML files.   For the website along with dynamic text and images it may limit up to 1000 page-views per day. The amount of traffic can handle by shared hosting also depends on the company who offers the services.

  • Does shared hosting affect SEO?

    Most of the websites having shared hosting and the major search engine know that truth. There is no any reason Google and the other search engines penalize your website simply it was hosted on shared hosting or the other domain which was hosted on the same IP get penalized. But you should be careful about your website speed and security. Since in this type of hosing same resources are using by number of websites.

  • What are the memory limitations of shared hosting?

    The amount of memory your website can use on shared hosting depends on how much the web hosting service provider offers. They may provide different options for you according to your needs.

  • How can I secure my website on shared hosting?

    Shared hosting uses unsecured environment so you may have the risks of being hacked and steal data from your website. You can protect your website with implementing the basic security tips and hacking protections. It is also possible to minimize the risks of hacking your website with making regular backup, keeping platforms and scripts up to date. You can also lock your file and directory permission, regular update of your CMS applications, install any security plugins and store your most sensitive data offline.

Have you ever used shared hosting for your website hosing, what you think about it. Feel free to mention your experience with this type of hosting on the comment session below.

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