How To Find The Best Web Hosting Services

If you are going to start your own website for your business or organization or even personal website, first of all you need at least a domain name in addition to a web hosting services. You will get both of them from a web hosting service provider. Here, you will especially learn different techniques for selecting the best web hosting services according to your needs.

The term web hosting refers storing website files HTML codes, images, videos and web applications on web servers as a result your files are accessible to the internet through a website or web application.

Types of Web Hosting Services

There are different types of web hosting services categorizing based on their  features and prices. Here, we have presented most common types of web hosting services.

Free Hosting

You can select free web hosting option If you want to create small or single page personal website. Free web hosting plans may have limited services. In addition, free hosting services maybe supported with advertisements.

Shared Hosting

You can select this web hosting option, if you are the owner of small business in addition you are unable to invest much more for your website. You can host your website at low cost for your small business website. In this type of hosting others website also hosted on the same location of your website hosted. So all of the websites uses the resources like CPU and RAM in common.

VPS Hosting

VPS(Virtual Private Server) hosting plan offers virtually separated web servers. As a result, your website will not directly affected by other websites. You will get much more privacy and security along with root access to your own virtual space as compared to the shared hosting. Hence, it is best suited for medium sized business which have the website with some bunch of traffic.

Dedicated Hosting

You will own web server in addition to the granted access for full control of your server in dedicated hosting. These hosting options are more expensive than shared and VPS hosting. Hence, it will be the best option large websites with heavy traffic. Dedicated web hosting plan  provides physically separated web server. In addition, you may have full responsibility for security and maintenance of your own dedicated server.

Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting plan allows you to sell web hosting service to your clients. Most of the reseller hosting plans are used to provide shared hosting plan to their clients.

Managed Hosting

Managed web hosting plan is similar to dedicated hosting service without providing as much as access to the server than dedicated hosting. While, you will get access on FTP and other remote management tools.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud web hosting service is a new type of hosting platform where web hosting is based on clustered load balanced servers. This type of hosting may be more reliable than other types of hosting since other computers in a cloud can compensate on any type of hardware failure.

Steps For Choosing Right Web Hosting Services

You may use the following steps to select right web hosting plans that most suitable for your business or organization’s website.

  • Identify your hosting requirements
  • Find out more detail about hosting space, bandwidth and up-time guarantees
  • Get know about upgrading options along with other more features
  • Find or ask about the prices for both first time signup and renewal in addition with service limitations
  • Check whether it has the facility of full featured control panel
  • Get know about other more features such as technical support for customer, backup and restore options etc.
  • Find customer reviews about the service along with asking questions on forums

How to Identify Your Web Hosting Requirements

To know your web hosting needs, you must have to get the answers for the following questions.

  • What type of website you are building
  • What amount of traffic going to achieve during your hosting period
  • Do you need any special software or common software
  • What type of data you are going to store
  • What type of OS and Web server you will need

What To Look For Selecting Web Hosting Services

You should have to look at the following in order to select the best web hosting service according to your needs.

Storage Space and Uptime Score

Y0u must have to check how much the storage space provided for each hosting options. Comparing the specified space and the price, you can select the best option for you. Selecting the hosting space depends on how much data you have to save and what types of files you are uploading. Normally images, audios and videos takes much more space than webpage with full of text. So do not store unnecessary files, videos, images and audios on your host.

Being on online your website is called it’s uptime. Non of the web servers cannot operate on 24/7. So you must select the hosting service which provides clear uptime guarantees. Generally most of the web server have more than 99% uptime score. While any of the hosting services which provides above 99.5% uptime guarantees are acceptable and it will be best if it has 99.9% uptime guarantees. You can get uptime score of any website using different uptime tracking tools available online.

Cost For Both Signup and Renewal

You should have to check the cost for both signup and renewal before selecting web host for your website. Most of the service provider displays initial signup cost only while promoting with hiding their renewal cost. So you have to find out renewal cost along with signup cost.

Account Limitation and Suspension

Since most of the web hosting service providers claims that they will provide unlimited disk space and bandwidth, they may have limitations for the uses of RAM and CPU of their servers. Web hosting service providers may suspend your account for the maximum uses of their resources or violating the terms and conditions. You should have to visit their “terms of service” to get more about their account limitation and suspension policy.

Data Transfer Rate or Bandwidth

Data transfer rate or bandwidth is the amount of data transferred from your website to the visitors browser. You should always have to choose the web host having greater bandwidth along with comparing their prices. Most of all hosting service provider may have mentioned limitations on their terms of service due to their resources rather they claims for unlimited bandwidth.

Multiple Domains with Email Hosting Support

Since domain names are cheaper than hosting, you may want to add multiple domains or sup-domains for a single website. So you should have to check whether your hosting service also supports multiple domains and sub-domains on a single hosting.

You may need email address on your own registered domain name for business purpose. So, you should also have to check how many email accounts are the hosting service providers allowed to setup on a single hosting account.

What Other Features Web Hosting Services Should Have

Web hosting services should have the following additional features along with given above.

  • Website backup and restore facility
  • Good customer support for any technical problems
  • Easy to use and full featured control panel
  • Have direct access to FTP for file management and access to .htaccess file to configure the website
  • Supporting scripting languages like PHP, Perl, ASP, MySQL etc. along with auto script installer

In conclusion, you will be able to select the best web hosting service for your website with considering on the following key points. Identifying your hosting needs, knowing the data storage and data transfer bandwidth, server uptime score, supporting databases and scripting languages.

If you have used any other ideas not mentioned above for finding out the best web hosting for your website, always feel free to mention it on comment section below.

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